Experience with the iPad 2

It seemed like all the cool kids were getting one, so I jumped on the bandwagon a little over a month ago. So, far it has been a great addition to my work experience.

Wyse PocketCloud (free/$14.99) RDP/VNC/View client for accessing servers and computers. I can either manually connect to any server with VNC or RDP or I can install their companion software on a computer – I installed it on my Mac at home and my work Windows 7 laptop. As long as the computers are online, I can remote into them – even if they are behind firewalls. It has a really good onscreen pointer that allows you to scroll, right click, etc. I also needed a client that had all the Function keys – this one has them and many other keys for the onscreen keyboard. The paid version gives you a few extra features, but I think the free one is pretty good too.

Quickoffice ($14.99) I use the Microsoft Office suite at work, so I need to be able to view and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs. Combine this with Dropbox (free) and you’ve got a really slick way to work on your docs wherever you are. You can also connect it to Google Docs and edit those in QuickOffice. Great for working offline, but I found formatting on my spreadsheet was a bit odd sometimes. My one gripe with QuickOffice is that it doesn’t support the Open In functionality, so if I wanted to open a document in another iPad app (GoodReader or FileBrowser, for example), I’ve got to use an intermediary such as Dropbox to get the document into the other application.

GoodReader ($4.99) This app can read many file formats, but I like it best for annotating PDFs.

GoToMeeting (free) The latest version of GoToMeeting for the iPad supports webinars! I love this feature as I can pull up a webinar or meeting on the iPad and still working on my laptop. You can’t host meetings on the iPad, however.

Join.Me (free) I’ve recently become a big fan of join.me because it gives you quick screen sharing for free. I still use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar for trainings and such, but if I need a quick meeting, this is often easier, especially for the meeting guests. The iPad app works great as well.

Chatter (free) As a Salesforce user, my list wouldn’t be complete without including Chatter. The iPad client is really well executed. Now if only I could get push notifications, then it would be awesome.

AppShopper (free) I’ve found some great deals on apps using this app the sorts Apps in the App Store. Boy that sounds confusing. Just download it and see for yourself.

FileBrowser ($3.99) If you have a need to access files on a network share, then this app works great. I’ve even used it through our VPN to get files. Open them in QuickOffice, GoodReader, or whatever document app you’ve got, and you are good to go.

These are just a few apps that I’ve found useful for using my iPad at work. I hope you find it helpful. If I left one out, please comment as I’m always looking for new ways to use my iPad!