Accessing Salesforce Object Tabs Without Actually Creating a Tab

Here’s a quick tip I use quite often. Sometimes I don’t actually want to create and use up a tab in my org for custom objects, especially when the object is usually accessed through related lists on another object. Sometimes I want to see all the records without going through a parent. In those cases, you can access the tab page using a URL trick:

1. Figure out what the key prefix is for the object. This is the first three characters of the object ID. You can use to find this prefix. Go to Info -> Standard and Custom Objects and select the object you want. Expand the Attributes and look for keyPrefix.

2. Once you’ve got the prefix, point your browser to So to get to Accounts, you’d go to:

6 thoughts on “Accessing Salesforce Object Tabs Without Actually Creating a Tab”

  1. Thank you very much for this invaluable bit of Salesforce assistance. I was pulling my hair out about how to search custom objects when I’ve gone past my tab limit, but this workaround solves that problem in spades.

    Thank you very much, Daniel!

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