Chatter Mobile: More Than Just Chatter

Have you looked at Chatter Mobile recently? Version 4.1 for iOS just hit the app store and it looks great! I really wish Salesforce would rename the app since it now does so much more than just Chatter. I know many people who have not even been interested in the app because they don’t want Chatter, they want their Accounts, Contacts, etc. While Salesforce has made some improvements to the Chatter side of things, the parts I’m most excited are about are the the changes they’ve made to view, edit, and create records.

One big enhancement Salesforce made is access to global search. Search is now in the top of the left navigation bar. You can use the search to quickly find your records and work with them.

Another great way to improve productivity for your mobile users is to give them the ability to create records. Want to create an opportunity or log a visit immediately after visiting a client? You can use the publisher actions introduced in Summer ’13 to do so.

Chatter Publisher Actions   Log a Visit

Want to see how you are doing? Dashboards are also easily accessible in the left nav bar.

There’s more in store with the Winter ’14 release just around the corner. In that release, we will be able to create Compact Layouts to customize the data presented on the mobile device. I’m hopeful we’ll see Visualforce pages allowed in Chatter Mobile soon. When that happens, we will have a great option for our mobile users. Now if they’d only change the name from Chatter to something more universal…