Trailhead: The Awesome New Way to Learn Salesforce

I’ll admit it, I didn’t get Trailhead when it was launched at Dreamforce last year. There were only a few badges, and I didn’t really see what the big deal was. Fast forward a year, and holy cow! The Trailhead content just keeps getting added. I love the humor that the Trailhead Team injects into some of the modules. Catter, anyone? I also love how Trailhead actually makes you work in an org and checks your work.

As content in Trailhead increases, I’ve been pointing more and more people to Trailhead to learn Salesforce. Want to move into an admin role? Take the Admin – Beginner and the Admin – Intermediate trails. Want to see why I love developing on the Salesforce platform? Take the Developer – Beginner and Developer – Intermediate trails.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about Trailhead at Dreamforce next month.  Speaking of Dreamforce, there is a great badge on what to expect and what to do. This one has a lot of the humor I appreciate so much.

To get started in Trailhead, you need two Salesforce logins. The first login you need is your profile login. I use a developer org login for this. It is the same login I use for the forums and success community. The benefit here is that it isn’t tied to your production org login, so when you get a dream job at another company, your profile will move with you. The second login you need is also a developer org. This login will be used to complete your challenges. It is important to use a developer org for this login as you may need features not available in a sandbox or your production org. And why would you clutter a production org with all of that stuff anyway?

Once you have your logins squared away, you are ready to start learning. One of the cool things the Trailhead team is doing is providing modules on add-on products. One such example is Event Monitoring. By going through this module, you can gain an understanding of these new features and decide if it is something you think your production org would benefit from. You can be much better informed about the features without ever having to go through a sales pitch!

So, get on Trailhead and start exploring. Once you get a few badges, you’ll be hooked and want to collect them all!


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