About Daniel

In my day job, I’m the Senior Salesforce Developer at ARUP Laboratories. I love to tinker with Salesforce and spend many an evening trying out new features. This blog focuses on some of the cool things I’ve learned about Salesforce over the years, both in my job and as a tinkerer.

I am one of co-leaders of the Salt Lake Salesforce User Group. If you are in Utah, we’d love to have you join us. We try to meet every other month. Look for meeting announcements at slcforce.com.

I’ve been recognized as a Salesforce MVP in Winter ’12 and Winter ’13. Learn more about their MVP program here.

I have presented at Dreamforce and at the local Admin and Developer user groups. I love talking about Salesforce and glad I’ve been able to share my knowledge.

Why Vertical Coder? I chose the blog name as a play on words. It has several meanings. First, I love spending my free time in the vertical world, rock climbing. Second, just like a vertical market targets a group of customers with specialized needs, this blog is focused on the specialized needs of Salesforce users.

This is my personal site and all views, opinions, etc are mine and do not reflect those of my employer.


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